Tackling Difficult Conversations

For many managers, confronting members of staff about areas of underperformance is one of the most difficult and challenging aspects of their role. It can be particularly awkward if the area of underperformance concerns issues such as 'attitude' or 'manner'.

This course is designed for managers who need to undertake difficult conversations with a team member or colleague. The course will:

Help you understand how, and why, both parties can become defensive when discussing work performance.

Raise your awareness of your management style and how it affects the way you tackle 'difficult' conversations.

Provide you with a range of practical tools and techniques to maximise the chances of the conversation having a productive outcome.

Provide plenty of opportunities to receive help, advice and support on the real-life difficult conversations that you are facing.

My book, Tackling Difficult Conversations, is available from Amazon.co.uk.


By the end of the course, delegates will have:

Considered how they can adopt the most constructive mindset, particularly in relation to their need to be liked by others.

Learned how to build strong working relationships with colleagues and team members.

Developed their understanding of the psychology of giving and receiving criticism, and identified ways of reducing defensiveness.

Identified their natural management style, and considered its implications for how they interact with their team.

Learned some key insights from Evolutionary Psychology.

Developed their ability to say no, and mean it.

Learned how to express strong feelings without becoming aggressive.

Gained a wide range of practical tips on how to prepare for, and conduct, a difficult conversation.


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"It was the best event I can remember attending, an excellent mix of theory and exercise with a superb facilitator." May 2015

"It was brilliant." May 2015

"I found the whole session very useful and informative. I had limited knowledge of handling difficult conversations and politics at workplace but after attending this programme I'm now in a better position to handle more difficult situations." May 2015

"Engaging and fluent speaker, who called upon his breadth of experience to give pertinent examples throughout the talk." May 2015

"It was fantastic." June 2014

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"Wow. I learnt so many things today." July 2012

"Really found this useful as I have not felt confident about tackling difficult conversations." July 2012

"A thoroughly enjoyable day that provided me with a lot of valuable information that I can use." July 2012

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"I loved today despite the role play, which in the end I found extremely useful!" June 2012

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"Very interactive. Excellent tutor. Learned a lot about leadership. Will recommend to colleagues." January 2012

"The module has really helped in my confidence building with regards to being firm with my team

and communicating with them. The ego gram and role play were wonderful." September 2011

"Really enjoyed the day although took me out of my comfort zone." September 2011

"Peter was excellent and kept us all motivated and interested." September 2011

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The insights into tackling difficult conversations were very helpful and will be very useful." September 2011

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