Boost Your Resilience

This course is designed for managers who want to develop their teams' ability to cope with stress, and for individuals who want to be more resilient.

The course provides a range of tools, techniques and insights that delegates will be able to apply immediately after the course.


By the end of the course, delegates will have:

Identified common symptoms of stress and devised a system for monitoring them in the workplace.

Developed their awareness of potential sources of stress at work, and have considered ways in which they can reduce the impact of those sources within their teams.

Acquired a range of management strategies and tools for dealing with, and reducing, stress at work.

Increased their understanding of how stress impacts on different personalities, and how they can alter their management style accordingly.


"Fantastic interactive workshop helping us to have more self-belief and deal with what can be difficult situations in both the personal and work environment" May 2015

"Excellent course. Really useful content." May 2015

"The format worked really well. Having a smaller number of delegates enabled huge opportunities to meet with others and enjoy peoples' company. Fab day!" May 2015

"Excellent course! Picked up some really useful tips! Thank you very much." May 2015

"First class day! Day flew by. Really interesting and relevant." May 2015

"Absolutely loved it. Thought it would be all fluffy pie in the sky stuff. Sensible, down to earth and very enjoyable." March 2015

"I think this course has been one of the best courses I've been on for years." March 2015

"Great session. Encourages self-belief." March 2015

"Really good. Insightful, thought-provoking. Good strategies to employ at home and in everyday life." March 2015

"A really fab afternoon. Thank you." March 2015

"Brilliant." February 2015

"Brilliant course. Made me think how I am perceived by others." February 2015

"Brilliant session. Really enjoyed it." December 2014

"Very thought-provoking. Thank you." December 2014

"Fabulously inspiring session. Thank you." December 2014

"Thought-provoking and very useful session." December 2014

"Absolutely superb." December 2014

"I found this course very good. I enjoyed every minute. Thank you." December 2014

"This was an excellent course with some really useful insights into drivers and behaviours." October 2013

"Very good course. Really feel I will use the techniques." October 2013

"A really great course. I was really tired at the end of the day because I had listened, processed and contributed continually. I came away with so many ideas to take forward. What a good indication of a great course. The group activities were amazingly powerful." February 2013

"I enjoyed the whole course but particularly enjoyed the manner in which it was delivered. The delivery was intelligent, articulate and drew extensively on psychological theory/research. It was very apparent that the trainer has an expanse of knowledge, which he drew on throughout his delivery. The group activities were amazingly powerful." February 2013

"What an excellent course. It was the first STARS course I have attended that didn't feel too long and which kept my attention all day. What was especially welcome was that, although it was very interactive, we didn't have to do role play." February 2013

"This course ticked all the boxes for me." February 2013

"Genuinely interesting, thought-provoking and spot-on diagnosis. Covered so much, but remained relevant. Enjoyed the honesty." June 2012

"Great at challenging in a non-threatening way to get people to think/behave differently." May 2012

"A very informative and enjoyable course with a well-needed focus on self-awareness. Trainer was excellent. Pacey, engaging, encouraging and challenging." May 2012

"Peter is a really good trainer - it is hard not to appear too effusive about the course because of the energy and enthusiasm engendered in the participants. Each seemed genuinely empowered by the experience." February 2011

"Excellent course. A lot of self reflection done. Good tools to take way for the team." January 2011

"Very well presented." January 2011

"Pete is a very professional trainer. Thank you!" January 2011

"Excellent course. Very inclusive style of trainer. Very helpful to current situation." January 2011

"Excellent. Thank you." January 2011

"Great trainer; really useful and practical tips. All participants well engaged." October 2010

"Very interesting and helpful course. Well presented." October 2010

"Very good course. Well worth attending and will recommend." October 2010

"Hands-on and practical course! Will use it in practice." October 2010

"Excellent day. All very realistic and relevant. I look forward to sharing it with others." July 2010

"Extremely well presented. Very informative. Would recommend to all that supervise." July 2010

"V good day. Open approach to realistic problems." July 2010

"Really interesting and valuable training. Should be mandatory." March 2010

"Really enjoyed it." January 2010

"One of the best courses I've been on. Excellent." January 2010

"Very good trainer: thought provoking, energising." January 2010

"Very encouraging facilitator: Light touch." January 2010