Leadership and Management for Doctors

This programme is designed for doctors who want a practical, hands-on, training course in leadership and management. It is particularly helpful for those who have recently taken on management responsibilities or those who are about to do so, for example Specialist Registrars (SpRs) who are preparing for a consultant interview post and want a solid grounding in medical leadership and management.


This programme will enable delegates to:

Understand the NHS big picture - how each service generates income for the Trust, and the implications of Payment By Results for clinical practice

Understand how to build and maintain robust working relationships with colleagues

Handle conflict and 'difficult' people more effectively

Become more aware of, and develop, their personal power and presence

Challenge colleagues or juniors confidently about areas of poor performance or inappropriate behaviour

Maximise their impact in meetings and group situations

Assess their strengths and weaknesses as leaders, and gain feedback on how they are perceived by other people

Develop a range of strategies for influencing people over whom they do not have direct control

Consider the personal 'drivers' which affect how they and their colleagues react in stressful situations

Case Study - Do I Have What It Takes To Be A Leader?

Adele was a Specialist Registrar who was worried that she wasn't making sufficient impact in meetings. She noticed that her more talkative and apparently more confident colleagues had less difficulty getting people to listen to them.

Adele was also concerned that she didn't have what it takes to be a leader, and that she might struggle with the new management responsibilities of her first consultant post.

During the programme Adele completed the Myers Briggs Type Inventory, which identified her as having a tendency to Introversion. On the third day of the programme I had a short one-to-one session with Adele during which we explored what she had learned about herself from the various self assessments and peer feedback exercises on the course. By the end of our session Adele could see that introverts can be highly effective leaders without compromising their natural style, that she was actually making more of an impact than she had realised and that by using a couple of techniques she could be even more effective in meetings.


"Thank you. I feel privileged to attend this leadership programme and it will help me a lot on my career." November 2016

"Excellent programme. Very beneficial. I have come away feeling confident." November 2016

"Really excellent. Learnt a lot!" November 2016

"Thoroughly enjoyed the programme - feel energised and more confident to lead. Have better understanding of how the NHS/Trust operates. Thank you." November 2016

"Excellent, really professional programme. Struck exactly the right tone of talking to peers. Really enjoyed all the speakers, felt very inspired to make a positive change following this course. November 2016

"MUCH better than I thought. Would HIGHLY recommend it to others!" November 2015

"Great. Would definitely recommend." November 2015

"Brilliant. Very useful." November 2015

"Excellent course overall." November 2015

"Excellent course, very comprehensive. Highlighted areas which I had little understanding of before the course." November 2015

"Extremely useful and informative." November 2015

"Excellent course. Great ideas! Thoroughly enjoyed." June 2015

"The most useful and engaging course I have ever attended. Excellent. Some parts of this should be incorporated earlier on in medical careers if possible." June 2015

"Overall excellent course. Taught me a lot on my own personality and how to interact more effectively with others." June 2015

"Great course. Challenging, engaging, inspiring, well-structured." June 2015

"Consistently excellent. I would strongly recommend this course to my colleagues and have already done so to one of them. Excellent programme." April 2014

"A very well thought-out programme. Really enjoyed and learned a lot in the 3 days. Highly recommended." April 2014

"Excellent course. Highly recommended." April 2014

"The course was very very good and enjoyable. The group work was often an eye-opener and I feel I have learned a lot." April 2014

"Very useful and enlightening! Taught very well. Group was very interactive so got a lot out of it. Useful aspects on management, NHS structure, personality types and career progression. Very enjoyable- will recommend this course." April 2014

"Excellent programme for doctors. Excellent all aspects." April 2014

"I have gained a lot of useful skills over the last 3 days and feel that I am now more aware of what is happening in my department politics and tactics on how to get things done my way or in the best way from others. Very good course. I would definitely recommend to others. I was sceptical about what I would achieve from coming but I'm very glad I came!" April 2014

"Would strongly recommend to my colleagues." April 2014

"Excellent interesting programme. Thank you." November 2013

"Excellent. Strongly recommend to other colleagues." November 2013

"Great course. Found the psychology very enjoyable. Found the NHS structure talk really good." November 2013

"Excellent. Would highly recommend. Feel like I have gained insight into myself and knowledge about management and politics." November 2013

"Great. Informative. Helped me realise my strengths, weaknesses and blindspots, and how to deal with them." November 2013

"Excellent. Relevant, will improve working relationships with colleagues and departments." September 2013

"Really enjoyable and thought provoking. Will definitely be applying principles to practice." September 2013

"Excellent and interesting. I will be recommending it." September 2013

"Excellent programme. Very relevant to my current situation (about to become a consultant). Should be part of medical education from undergraduate all the way through!" September 2013

"This course should be compulsory for all trainees at an early stage. This course has been absolutely fantastic. Peter was excellent." April 2013

"Very useful course enabling me to understand the psychology of what people are, interactions, management skills and influencing. Great programme - I recommend this for all upcoming consultants." April 2013

"Excellent. Well put together. Interesting. Insightful." April 2013

"Excellent course. Would recommend to colleagues. Has prompted me to prepare for the consultant interview and to understand management concepts in greater depth." April 2013

"Very thought provoking. I like the free flow structure (but still controlled!). Helps one think outside the box given that we manage patients and colleagues!" April 2013

"Excellent programme. Really enjoyed it." November 2012

"Truly excellent. Enjoyable and challenging." November 2012

"Increased my confidence in tackling non-clinical aspects to the job as my personality would naturally shy away from those roles." November 2012

"Excellent." November 2012

"Fantastic. I will highly recommend it." April 2012

"Excellent programme. Will thoroughly recommend." April 2012

"Excellent course. Will recommend!" April 2012

"Worthwhile three days. Targetted to my needs as a medic." April 2012

"This was an excellent course and I will recommend it to other SpRs and staff. A very useful three days which will really help me." April 2012

"Thoroughly enjoyed - valuable experience. Far better and more relevant than I anticipated. Worthwhile personally and as regards career." April 2012

"Very valuable and insightful." April 2012

"Really enjoyable, interactive and useful course." April 2012

"Excellent!" April 2012

"Found it very helpful. Learnt a fair bit more about myself and I how I should interact in my work environment/team. Learnt that I could learn to become a leader - something I wasn't so sure of before" April 2012

"It was a really helpful three days." April 2012

"Stimulating, not at all boring. Great atmosphere, made to feel comfortable, good forum for expressing own views." April 2012

"Very good. Exceeded expectations. Enjoyed it much more than I thought I would." April 2012

"Very useful, interesting and practical course. It far exceeded my already high expectations. Thank you - I am enthused about management, which I wasn't sure I would be." September 2011

"Exceeded my expectations. Will be recommending this to my colleagues." September 2011

"Excellent course. Recommend it. Learnt a lot. Feel better prepared for consultant post." September 2011

"Excellent course. All aspects/content very valuable. Also very enjoyable." September 2011

"Highly recommended." September 2011

"A+. I never thought I would have benefitted so much from a 'free' course. Very inspiring and will certainly influence my daily practice and productivity." September 2011

"Brilliant course: a combination of a great presenter/teacher and the size of audience." April 2011

"Excellent insight into management and leadership." April 2011

"Excellent three days of management and leadership inputs. Kindled my thoughts. Have got a framework to work on." April 2011

"Thanks again for a really interesting course. It's the first non-clinical course I've been on as a registrar and was a lot more fun than all the others." April 2011

"Excellent course covering issues I was not fully aware of before. Fully recommend it." January 2011

"Well structured/good length. Covered main topics we need. Excellent chair of programme. Thanks." January 2011

"I will use more of this course than any other I can recall in my SpR training! Highly appropriate to making the transition to consultant." January 2011

"Excellent course. I liked the mix of theory and practical elements. Gave me a number of techniques to use on a daily basis, and as a future consultant." January 2011

"Brilliant." October 2010

"Really enjoyable. Days went very quickly." October 2010

"Extremely useful. I am sure I will be using most of the techniques that I learnt. And will definitely read more about management issues." October 2010

"Excellent. Wish I'd done it earlier." October 2010

"Excellent. Really enjoyed it. Wish I had done it earlier in medical career." October 2010

"Brilliant." October 2010

"Fantastic. Inspirational. Interesting. Challenging, but not in an off-putting way." April 2010

"Brilliant. Very helpful. Can use immediately." April 2010

"Best course I have attended in years. Thanks Peter." April 2010

"It was great! I really enjoyed the combination of hard facts from management and finance lectures but also the chance to develop self-awareness and awareness of others." April 2010

"Excellent. Has exceeded my expectations. V useful to have insight into personality and modes of working of others. I hope I will be a better person as a result." March 2010

"Excellent. Highly recommended - will certainly influence my clinical and personal life. Thank you!" March 2010

"Excellent and very thought-provoking. Will recommend to colleagues very much. Thanks!!" March 2010

"Absolutely Brilliant! Highly Recommended!!" November 2009

"I am now much more likely to engage in clinical leadership and management roles. Great course. Thank you." November 2009

"I expected lectures, (and therefore a nap) but it was brilliant. Not the forced 'interactive' sessions you sometimes get but really interactive and interesting" January 2009

"Excellent. Probably the best course I've gone on. Plan to strongly recommend it (but I think this will really give an edge so probably should not recommend to colleagues who will compete with me for posts!)" January 2009

"Was initially sceptical about what I would gain from this. I found the use of practiced gestures and "management speak" off-putting. However, I have gained real insight into the way management works, how managers think and what I have to do to work well with them" October 2007