CVs, Interviews and Career Management

The current economic climate means that many organisations, particularly in the public sector, are having to make tough decisions which often include restructuring.

Organisations which are undergoing a period of restructuring often require existing staff to apply for posts internally. However, by doing so they run the risk of failing to appoint capable and committed individuals who don't perform well in interviews.

In these situations I can support organisations by helping to ensure that every employee is able to present themselves, and their skills, as effectively as possible during the internal selection process.

These courses can also form part of the support package for individuals whose posts have been identified as 'at risk' of redundancy and who will be seeking employment elsewhere.

I provide the following courses:

Coping with Career Change.

CVs and Application Forms.

Essential Interview Skills.

I am the author of Succeeding At Interviews, available from Amazon.co.uk.


These courses cover the following topics:

Why being the best qualified candidate isn't enough: what decades of international research tells us about the reliability of various assessment processes, and what this means from a candidate's perspective.

Analysing strengths and achievements. Identifying powerful ways of illustrating them during the selection process.

Maintaining a positive frame of mind in the face of setbacks.

The one (commonly overlooked) action candidates should take before applying for any post which will significantly increase their chances of success.

Tools and techniques which help people to manage career change and uncertainty.

Different ways of setting out a modern CV (and the pros and cons of each).

Covering Letters and application forms: some practical tips.

The smart approach to job-hunting.

Psychometric instruments: ability tests and personality inventories – tips on how to approach them.

The Interview Game: how to 'sell' yourself in a way that feels comfortable and authentic.

Everyone suffers from them, but some people cope better than others: how to handle nerves during the interview.

Interview body language and etiquette.

What to ask at the end of the interview: examples of weak, good and great questions.


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