Assessment Centres and Selection Interviewing

Decades of international research suggest that traditional approaches to interviewing are poor predictors of how good a candidate is going to be when they take up the job.

It makes sense to devote time and energy to the selection process – the costs of making a bad appointment far outweigh the expenditure on devising and implementing a robust assessment process.

I help organisations to ensure that they recruit the most capable staff by:

Designing and managing bespoke assessment centres.

Training managers in assessment techniques and structured interviewing.

Course content

How to use a competency-based person specification as the basis for shortlisting and interviewing.

The importance of identifying the conscious and unconscious preferences which may hinder interviewers' ability to be objective when assessing candidates.

How to devise and use a range of questions to test whether the candidate has the competencies required for the post.

Ways of developing an interviewing style that puts candidates at their ease but still enables the panel to use probing questions to test the candidate's competence.

Consultancy Support

I design and manage bespoke assessment centres for organisations which want to maximise their chances of selecting the best candidates.

I have provided consultancy support to the NHS Graduate Scheme selection process since 1997. This award-winning process uses a leading-edge approach to assessment which is rigorous, complies with all relevant legislation and is ideally suited to assessing candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Case Study 1

An NHS organisation was having trouble recruiting and retaining high quality finance managers. They decided to introduce a graduate development programme. The organisation commissioned me to design and manage a 48 hour assessment centre which allowed them to assess candidates against a range of competencies.

Case Study 2

In 2009 I delivered 'just-in-time' training for assessors at the NHS Graduate Scheme assessment centre. This was fast-paced, highly focused, training designed to prepare managers to conduct evidence-based assessments of graduate competencies over a 24 hour period. After the selection process was completed 98% of the assessors felt that the training had prepared them for their role.


"It was a great interactive and informative course. I really enjoyed it." October 2013

"Excellent. Very interactive training." April 2013

"Am much more confident about being able to interview candidates now." April 2013

"Enjoyed it. Learned a lot, would recommend." April 2013

"Excellent. Good examples and explanations for all topics." April 2013

"Brilliant. Really enjoyed the course. Recommend others to attend." April 2013

"Thanks so much for running an excellent two days. I thought you did a fantastic job and managed it like clockwork - as usual!" July 2011

"Thought it was really well delivered. The information on managing bias was particularly useful. This is applicable to many HR processes." March 2009

"Very good, in depth training." March 2009

"The training was excellent and enabled me to assess candidates with confidence. It explained the system that we were using simply and provided practical examples of assessment which I found very helpful." March 2009

"Very good quality training - provides an excellent basis for recruitment and selection in general." March 2009