Appraisal Skills

Lots of people (managers and appraisees) feel uncomfortable about appraisals, often because they have had negative experiences of previous annual review meetings. This course is full of practical tips and suggestions to enable both sides get the most out of the appraisal meeting.


This course will help appraisers and appraisees to:

Clarify their understanding of the potential benefits of appraisal, why some performance reviews go well, while others go badly, and what managers can do to increase the chances of the meeting going well.

Get the practical arrangements right, for example around venue, timing, preparation, seat arrangement.

Understand how to use objectives to address real-life challenges and problems, and how to manage the pressure of 'top-down' targets.

Understand the psychology of performance review meetings, with a particular focus on how to prevent the meeting becoming a one-way conversation.

Discuss areas of weakness without becoming defensive.

Give praise and constructive criticism in a way that is constructive and tactful, but still addresses any performance issues

This course can be delivered to groups of managers and appraisees.


"One of the most useful courses I've been on. Very practical ideas and suggestions." April 2014

"One of the most productive training courses I have ever attended in the NHS - now I need to put it all into practice!" April 2014

"Excellent session, very relevant and to the point. Good opportunities to ask questions. Very well delivered - really enjoyable." April 2014

"Course exceeded expectations. Identified really +ve skills to take back and covered much more leadership qualities than just appraisal." June 2013

"Enjoyed the mix of theory and practical. Really made me think about how to apply in practice." June 2013

"A very useful day." June 2013

"Very engaging, informative. Presenter very knowledgeable." October 2011

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"Very clear and informative. Really practical guide on appraisals and relevant to my workplace." February 2011

"It gave me lots of ideas of how to deal with the appraisal situation and made me feel more confident about it." October 2010 (Appraisee Course)

"Really enjoyed the day." October 2010

"Very thought-provoking." October 2010

"Possibly the best trainer I have had. I retained a lot of info and his style is excellent."

August 2010

"This was an excellent course, and extremely helpful and relevant." August 2010

"I like Peter's delivery style. It's punchy and keeps to task and uses time effectively."

August 2010

"An excellent trainer. Very knowledgeable." August 2010

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